Success Stories

From Research Collaboration to Application on Farms

Novalait selects research projects based on their potential impacts on dairy farms and plants. It is when the knowledge gained from research is integrated into management practices or processes that the significance of Novalait’s research is made clear.

Numerous trainings for dairy farmers established by Valacta specifically integrate knowledge produced through Novalait’s research. In 2015 and 2016, the trainings entitled “The Barn—A Source of Comfort” and “A Step Ahead” on the health of hooves and members brought together and trained more than 2,600 dairy farmers. These two trainings included the results of the project led by Novalait entitled “Improving the Comfort of Cows in Stall Housing.” Valacta is a major player in the transfer of research results to dairy farmers.

“The fact that we have recent studies on Quebec herds makes it tremendously easier for Quebec dairy farmers to adhere to new practices. The presentation of the tie-stall housing studies, which were previously very rare, was a strong point in the presentation and brought credibility to the suggestions for improvement that were made.”

Steve Adam, Agr. Expert in comfort, behaviour and animal welfare, Valacta

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