FORUM TECHNO Novalait: Spotlight on dairy research!


Quebec City, June 11, 2021. On June 8 and 10, Novalait held the first entirely virtual edition of its Techno Forum in conjunction with the IDF International Symposium on Cheese Science and Technology. More than 480 participants registered for this week of events, including more than 200 active participants in the Techno Forum. Participants had access to the latest research results supported by Novalait and its partners in the comfort of their living room.  The virtual formula was nevertheless interactive and the participants exchanged live with the researchers and plunged into the experience of the smart couches.


Various conferences

Novalait’s research aims at bringing concrete solutions to farms and dairy plants of various sizes, producing diversified products. New ways to improve cow genetics, the use of more digestible alfalfa, the diagnosis of ruminal acidosis and cow longevity were covered during the half-day production session. In the processing session, researchers presented a synthesis of several years of research on natural milk microflora and phages. The themes of naturalness, natural antimicrobials and the valorization of milk processing co-products completed the program.


Novalait celebrates its 25th anniversary

In 2020 Novalait marked 25 years of investment in research. “For Quebec dairy farmers and processors, research is at the heart of solutions. They have realized this vision in a particularly efficient way by creating an R&D investment company that is equally owned by them” mentioned Michel Couture, president of Novalait, during the opening remarks.


Students in the spotlight

Novalait devotes more than 25% of its research budgets to the salaries of graduate students. Over the past 25 years, more than 300 professionals have been trained in our applied research. Many of them are still working in the dairy sector. The Techno Forum encouraged exchanges with students through virtual sessions and “My thesis in 180 seconds” presentations.


Congratulations to the FIL-CANADA Excellence Awards Recipients

In an intense competition, 21 students presented their research project in the form of a short video. They were evaluated on their oral and written communication skills. Thank you to the evaluators for evaluating the students and to FIL-CANADA for donating the prizes for the students.  The awards recognize excellence among professionals trained in Novalait research. Congratulations to the recipients!


In production:

  • 350 $ : Annie Fréchette – The important role of Klebsiella pneumoniae in clinical mastitis in dairy cows housed on recycled                                                       manure bedding.
  • 150$ : Jean-Philippe Laroche – Protein nutrition: can we do more with less?


In processing :

  • 350$ : Nissa Niboucha – Production of dairy biofilms on stainless steel surfaces in a bioreactor and development of an efficient                                                sampling method
  • 150: Serine Touhami – When buttermilk is under high pressure


Novalait would like to thank all the participants, speakers, students and sponsors for contributing to the success of the Techno Forum 2021.


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