Novalait congratulates Canadian Dairy Commission scholars

Novalait has been awarded $ 500,000 by the Canadian Dairy Commission to manage a scholarship program. In the second competition, seven master’s students won a scholarship. Here are the recipients and their subject of study:



Adam Classen – McGill UniversitySearch for antifungals from arctic bacteria and cold active in grated cheese
Félix Huot – Université LavalDevelopment of detection and diagnostic methods on commercial farms for subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle
Jessika Marquis-Hrabe – McGill UniversityCorrelation between the community of primitive bacteria in the bovine rumen and the concentration of vitamin B12 in milk
Marie-Soleil Boucher – Université LavalAssessment of the interest of using a more digestible alfalfa on Quebec dairy farms
Nicolas Barbeau-Grégoire – université de MontréalValidation of on-farm bacteriology systems to diagnose endometritis in postpartum dairy cows
Serine Touhami- Université LavalValorization of the buttermilk fat globule membrane by coupling ultrahigh homogenization pressures and microfiltration processes
Thomas Messier – Université LavalGenomic approaches to optimize the selection and use of strains of texturing bacteria in yogurt