Rich Activity Report and latest R & D Novelties at the Novalait ‘s General Meeting of Shareholders

Novalait, gathered on November First, more than fifty participants at its General Meeting of Shareholders. Farmers, processors, partners and researchers were able to appreciate the achievements of Novalait. During the 2017-18 fiscal year, Novalait supported 15 research projects and three industrial research chairs for an investment totaling $ 8.7 M from Novalait and its partners. Mr Charles Langlois, president of Novalait, made a positive assessment of 2017-2018 and told the audience: “It is striking to note the exceptional results that the dairy industry derives from its limited but judiciously invested funds for research. Since projects are selected based on the potential benefits to all dairy farmers and processors, every dollar that Novalait invests in research is matched by public funds.’’ 

Since 1995, Novalait and its partners have backed 115 research projects, a total investment of $46.8 M. More than 50 organizations have contributed funding to research projects. Eighty-two percent of these funds come from the public sector. Novalait’s funds have been equally distributed between dairy production and dairy processing.

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) has entrusted Novalait with the administration of its scholarship program in Quebec and has granted a budgetary envelope of $500,000. Novalait is responsible for the call for applications and the selection of fellows according to their abilities and the relevance of their research topic. This is the third scholarship program entrusted by the CDC to Novalait.

Participants also attended stimulating presentations and exchanged at the AGM with the researchers on new projects.

For more information, the full Annual Report is available in French and English.