Sébastien Fournel

P.Eng., PhDUniversité Laval

Sébastien Fournel holds bachelor and master degrees in agri-food engineering from Université Laval and a doctorate in chemical engineering from Université de Sherbrooke. He also completed three postdoctoral fellowships at Université de Sherbrooke, INRS-ETE and Université Laval. During his graduate studies, his research work focused on the adaptation of livestock buildings to animal welfare (alternative systems) and climate change (thermal stress) and the reduction of their environmental impact (ammonia, greenhouse gases, odors and bioaerosols). Now, as a professor in the Department of Soils and Agri-Food Engineering at Laval University and chairholder of the Educational Leadership Chair in Sustainable Farm Buildings, his research program aims to define advanced housing and environmental control systems, optimal water and manure management, and energy efficient practices for the livestock building of tomorrow.