More than 25 years
of history


Creation of Novalait
First project: Quality of mozzarella
1,0 cent / hl for R&D


Industrial research chair on whey proteins


Research network on lactic bacteria


Creation of the position of transfer coordinator


Research partnership Novalait – AAC – FRQNT – MAPAQ


Pilot farms network


Already 52 research projects


Scholarship program with Canadian Dairy Commission

Canadian bovine mastitis and Milk quality research network; Industrial research chair in cheese technology and typicity


Premium Milk Innovation


Industrial research chair on milk components


Agropur coopérative is celebrating its 75 years! CILQ is celebrating its 50 years !


Industrial research chair in efficiency of milk processing

1,27 cent / hl for R&D

The FPLQ becomes Les Producteurs de lait du Québec


New Partnership with CRIBIQ

Industrial research chair on substainable life of dairy cattles

Metabiolac Industrial research chair


Partnership with Dairy cluster 3

Renewal of scholarship program from Canadian Dairy Commission


25 years later... more than 125 projects:

  • 7 industrical research chairs,
  • 11 pilot farms projects
  • 15 Forums technologique
  • 350 trained professionnals


"In March 2006, the CDC decided to invest a portion of its capital to stimulate the formation of a new generation of scientists who can support innovation in the Canadian dairy industry. In Quebec, we have relied on the expertise of Novalait to manage these scholarships. We want to thank the team of Novalait and members of its evaluation committees, in partnership with the FRQNT, for their rigor, professionalism and dedication. Congratulations to all our winners!"

Chantal Paul, chief, Communications and strategic planning

"It is an honor for CRIBIQ to forge a strategic partnership with Novalait. This partnership is part of an approach and a comprehensive philosophy for CRIBIQ, beyond the contributed funds, to strengthen innovation in the Quebec dairy production and processing in order to increase its competitiveness and improve the collective knowledge, and, thanks to a pre-competitive high-level collaborative research"

Mohammed Benyagoub, CEO, Consortium de recherche et d'innovation en bioprocédés industriels au Québec

"Dairy farmers recognize the importance of stimulating innovation through research to support the sustainability and future profitability of the industry. Over the past 20 years, the partnership between the PLC and Novalait contributed significantly to the advancement of the sector, among other via the financing and implementation of the Research Network on bovine mastitis, a dozen projects research in particular through the network of pilot farms, two industrial chairs and soon a third with the initiative on the sustainable Life of dairy cow. Congratulations and long live to Novalait!"

Émie Désilets, adjoint research director, Dairy Farmers of Canada

Portrait Danielle Rivard

An exceptional contribution to the dairy sector

Danielle Rivard was outstanding collaborator of the dairy sector and has profoundly influenced the development of Novalait as CEO from 1997 to 2014. Ms. Rivard believed in this new model combining research and practical applications for Quebec milk producers and processors. Thanks to her talent and dynamism, she was able to mobilize the resources to make Novalait an organization that raises today the respect in the Canadian dairy industry.