Live on Novalait


Video capsules present, in few minutes, an overview of the results and benefits of some projects supported by Novalait. Whether you're on the road, in the office or in your tractor, you can in a wink, know what dairy farmers and processors support as research in Quebec and the impacts of such research.

Novalait 25th Anniversary

Managing bedding for more comfort

Fodder grass alternatives in the context of climate changes

Conference: Qualit of stirred yogourt; stability and rheological properties

Improving Cow comfort at L. Roy inc. Farm

Industrial Research Chair on Sustainable Life of Dairy Cattle

The impact of Novalait for the researchers

Bacterial profile of biofilms formed on filtration membranes

How the mineral profile of the diet influences the milk fat?

B vitamins, the rumen bacteria, are they always sufficient to the task?

Do mechanical treatments have an impact on the technological quality of milk?

Profitability, longevity and culling rate in dairy cows

Better understanding the role of milk typicity in the quality of fine cheeses