R&D Expertise

Professionals ready
to meet the challenges of the dairy sector

Many young professionals trained in Novalait's research projects are now employed in the dairy sector!

Simon Dufour

Vice-president Research and innovation,

Danone Canada

Pierre Morin

R&D Director
Agropur coopérative

Josiane Garneau

Food Safety Advisor and Risk Analysis for the Dairy Sector

Débora Santschi

Innovation and Development Manager

Marie-Claude Gentes

Breakthrough Innovation Senior specialist / Innovation & product developement
Aliments Ultima

Valérie Bélanger

Transfer Officer

Emilie Desfossés-Foucault

R&D Director and quality control
Biena inc.

"New recruits have both knowledges about the most recent advances in research and practical experience of the application context on dairy farms in Quebec."


Daniel Lefebvre
CEO Valacta

"The training, both theoretical and applied, on the cutting edge of technology as well as the strength of the network of scientific experts of the doctoral student through the chair of technology and typicity cheese, are certainly interesting assets for the Fromagerie St-Guillaume."


Denis Guérard
Ex-CEO, Fromagerie St-Guillaume

in Quebec

Novalait is involved in industrial chairs to consolidate research positions in strategic researchareas for dairy farmers and processors.

Extensive research is carried out and the chairs also provide exceptional multidisciplinary training for students and future professionals.

Édith Charbonneau

Chair on nutritional control of the production of milk components in dairy cows

Steve Labrie

Chair on cheese technology and typicity

Elsa Vasseur

Chair in sustainable life of dairy cattle

Rachel Gervais

Chair on nutritional control of the production of milk components in dairy cows

Alain Doyen

Chair in efficiency of milk processing

Marie Filteau

Metabiolac Chair on lactic bacteria metabolic activities

"We receive an answer from world-class researchers within few hours after a call."


Michel Pouliot
R&D Vice-president
Agropur coopérat