Impacts and

in numbers

Since 1995,

11.3 M$

Amount invested by Novalait in research

50.6 M$

value of the research

600 M$

estimation of the potential benefits from the implementation of research results

Partnerships with private corporations, research funding and government agencies allow Novalait to multiply the impact of its investments in dairy research

An important
research portfolio

More than 125 research projects
7 industrial research chairs
11 pilot projects

An extensive
network of scientists

100 researchers in 12 institutions
9 Researcher positions
More than 350 young trained professionals

Intellectual Property

28 patent applications
4 royalty-sharing agreements
2 licences

A word from the

"Research is not an expense but an investment!"


Gilbert Rioux
Dairy farmer and administrator of Novalait from 1997 to 2015

"The pre-commercial research is the research that industry cannot afford."


Michel Doré
Consultant, Gestion Michel Doré inc.

CILQ lors de la remise du prix Donat Roy 2015 à claude lambert

"One of the biggest success of Novalait is without any doubt, the pilot farms network who enables the realization of nine projects on commercial dairy farms directly."


Gibert Rioux
Dairy farmer and administrator of Novalait from 1997 to 2015

"Novalait is a unique and effective business model, a staple of the dairy research whose projects meet the priorities of industry and train the professionals of tomorrow."


Carole Thibault
Director of governmental and public affairs, Danone Canada and administrator of Novalait

Professionals ready
to meet the challenges of the dairy sector

Many young professionals trained in Novalait's research projects are now employed in the dairy sector!

Simon Dufour

Faculty of veterinary medecine
Université de Montréal

Pierre Morin

Vice-president Research and innovation
Danone Canada

Josiane Garneau

Food Safety Advisor and Risk Analysis for the Dairy Sector

Débora Santschi

Innovation and Development Manager

Marie-Claude Gentes

Breakthrough Innovation Senior specialist / Innovation & product developement
Aliments Ultima

Valérie Bélanger

Transfer Officer

Emilie Desfossés-Foucault

R&D Director and quality control
Biena inc.

"New recruits have both knowledges about the most recent advances in research and practical experience of the application context on dairy farms in Quebec."


Daniel Lefebvre
CEO Valacta

"The training, both theoretical and applied, on the cutting edge of technology as well as the strength of the network of scientific experts of the doctoral student through the chair of technology and typicity cheese, are certainly interesting assets for the Fromagerie St-Guillaume."


Denis Guérard
Ex-CEO, Fromagerie St-Guillaume

Solutions for
the farm and the plant

Do mechanical treatments have an impact on the technological quality of milk?

Better understanding the role of milk typicity in the quality of fine cheeses

How the mineral profile of the dietinfluences the milk fat?

in Quebec

Novalait is involved in industrial chairs to consolidate research positions in strategic researchareas for dairy farmers and processors.

Extensive research is carried out and the chairs also provide exceptional multidisciplinary training for students and future professionals.

Édith Charbonneau

Chair on nutritional control of the production of milk components in dairy cows

Steve Labrie

Chair on cheese technology and typicity

Elsa Vasseur

Chair in sustainable life of dairy cattle

Rachel Gervais

Chair on nutritional control of the production of milk components in dairy cows

Alain Doyen

Chair in efficiency of milk processing

Marie Filteau

Metabiolac Chair on lactic bacteria metabolic activities

"We receive an answer from world-class researchers within few hours after a call."


Michel Pouliot
R&D Vice-president
Agropur coopérat

Forum Techno Novalait :
in the participants’ words

The Forum Techno is the largest communication event organized by Novalait. It showcases the results of the research we support. With an application-oriented approach, speakers present the potential of results to reduce costs and accelerate innovation on the farm or at the plant. The Forum promotes discussions between entrepreneurs, researchers and young professionals.

"This year, I cam away from the Forum Techno with an enormous sense of pride about working in a dynamic industry made up of passionate people, from the lab to the barn. The students especially impressed me with their desire to share their knowledge. Interactivity is in style and the 2016 Forum, even though this was its 13th edition, was able to show that it is up with the times."


Julie Baillargeon
Coordinator of Research Projects and Technology Transfer, Valac

"The poster contest is the best way to meet students, who are enthusiastic about presenting us the fruits of their labour. It is very interesting to talk with them and the researchers who attend the Forum. These opportunities to exchange knowledge are beneficial for dairy processing compagnies ans researchers."


Yolaine Villeneuve
Director, Public and corporate affairs, CILQ

"What impressed me the most at the Forum this year was the number of youth who attended and showed passion for their research projects. As a dairy farmer, we don’t often get the opportunity to see the results come to fruition areas, at the Forum, I saw the possibility for these young professional to implement their ideas and see them grow together."


Réal Gauthier
Dairy farmer and President of Novalait

Novalait has more
than 20 years of history,
and it continues ….

In 2015, Novalait celebrated its 20th anniversary. Many achievements to see on Novalait's 20th anniversary page.