Novalait in numbers

in numbers

Since 1995,

13 M$

invested by dairy farmers and processors into the share capital of Novalait

45 M$

value of the research

600 M$

estimation of the potential benefits from the implementation of research results

Partnerships with private corporations, research funding and government agencies allow Novalait to multiply the impact of its investments in dairy research

An important
research portfolio

More than 100 research projects
6 industrial research chairs
9 farm pilot projects

An extensive
network of scientists

100 researchers in 12 institutions
9 Researcher positions
More than 350 young trained professionals

Intellectual Property

28 patent applications
4 royalty-sharing agreements
2 licences

A word from the

"Research is not an expense but an investment!"


Gilbert Rioux
Dairy farmer and administrator of Novalait from 1997 to 2015

"The pre-commercial research is the research that industry cannot afford."


Michel Doré
Consultant, Parmalat Canada

CILQ lors de la remise du prix Donat Roy 2015 à claude lambert