Properties of Québec’s Local Milk

Project entitled:

Technological and Microbiological Characteristics of Local Milks

Steve Labrie, Daniel St-Gelais, Claude P. Champagne, Kathya Dupont, Pierre-Luc Champigny, Ismaïl Fliss, Karine Lavoie, Rima Hatoum


There is a marked enthusiasm for fine cheeses in Quebec—the province sees the highest average weekly spending for them in all of Canada. The project aimed to understand the microbiological and technological typicality of various Quebec milks and fine cheeses and use these results to regulate the quality of manufacturing and enhance Quebec products. The particular management of a dairy herd changes its milk’s microbial and chemical composition in addition to having a direct impact on its technological properties. Thus, milks used for the manufacture of fine artisan cheeses may contain a biodiversity of dairy yeasts and molds (Y&M) specific to Quebec, with unknown exploitation potential. The results clearly showed that some local milks have unique characteristics, whether because of the composition of the milk or the secondary microflora of Y&M, which turned out to be very important.