Two students involved in Novalait’s research stand out!

Mérilie Gagnon, a doctoral student in food science et Laval University, won the first prize in the poster competition at the 10th Cheese Symposium held in Renne, France, on April 6th. Mérilie studies lactic acid bacteria from silage and raw milk and their effects on the quality of dairy products in Professor Denis Roy’s research team. Isolating bacteria and describing their metabolic characteristics therefore has no more secrets for Mérilie. She has developed specific expertise in microbiology associated with dairy products. She will begin postdoctoral studies soon.

Andréanne Moineau-Jean, a master’s student in food science at Laval University, won the student-research star competition at the Fonds Recherche Québec-Nature et Technologie (FRQNT) last February for an article published in the International Dairy Journal. The award-winning article is entitled: Fate of Escherichia coli and Kluyveromyces marxianus contaminants during storage of Greek-style yogurt produced by centrifugation or ultrafiltration. During her studies under the direction of Gisèle Lapointe’s research team, Andréanne developed an expertise in yogurt manufacturing and concentration processes as well as the control of probiotics and contaminants in yogurt. Andréanne is now working in the dairy sector for a ferments company.

These young professionals are concrete examples that investing in R & D creates new talent for the dairy sector! Congratulations to you two !