Diagnosis, Prevention and Alternative Treatment of Mastitis

Project entitled:

Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network

Mario Jacques, Herman Barkema


This national organization’s mission is to combat one of the most costly diseases of dairy herds. To do this, it crossed provincial borders to expand its operations into eight universities and two research centres. In just five years, the Network grew its team by nearly 65 researchers and collaborators throughout the country. It has carried out over 27 research projects covering a wide range of topics that include vaccination, virulence factors, resistance to antibiotics, farm practices, diagnostic methods, behaviour, welfare, genetics and more. These projects, some of which generated practical applications and patent-pending discoveries, were the subject of more than 50 scientific publications to date. They were carried out with the help of over 100 students, including 45 graduate students (17 candidates for master’s degrees, 15 doctoral students and 13 postdoctoral fellows). The organization is viewed as the leading expert on the future of udder health in Canada.